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Ce l'hai o non ce l'hai? Speak Italian with me!
Learn how to say if you have or don't have something and help my friend Susanna host a backyard barbecue. No overthinking, just speaking! This is the latest episode of our Italian Speaking Practice playlist.

News in Italian for Beginners
A speeding old lady, a spectacular robbery, a special astronomy photo, fabulous Italian athlets: four headlines, four news items in Italian. Read them with me to learn new expressions and boost your comprehension! This is the latest episode of our Easy Italian News playlist.

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NEW! I nuovi italiani re dell'atletica
Italian athletes of foreign origin are becoming a model of integration, but some say they don't look Italian. Who has the right to call themselves Italian? Read, listen and share your opinion! With glossary, English translation, and exercises for all levels.

Italiano, dialetto, italiesco
What language are Italians speaking today? Italian, dialect, or something in between? Was the process of 'making Italians' and teaching them a common language successful? Advanced reading content with audio, glossary, translation & exercises for all levels.

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Italian Grammar
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Italians at the supermarket
Intermediate listening practice all in Italian about old habits and new trends at the supermarket. Listen and answer my questions!

Andiamo in vacanza in Italia!
Ready for your holiday in Italy? This vocabulary lesson will help you communicate and enjoy your stay.

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