Would you like to learn real-life Italian from a native teacher, or improve your current language skills while also learning about Italian art, music, literature, history, traditions & folklore? Or maybe you'd like to enjoy all of this without having to learn the language?
If you're planning a trip to Italy, would you like to step off the beaten track and discover less known Italian gems?
Are you a fan of Italian opera, or are you interested in Roman history? Or maybe you'd like to read Dante's Divine Comedy with us?
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Beginner Italian

Learn Italian from scratch with Anna!
Our lessons alternate grammar explanations with practical examples and useful phrases.

Learn more and dowload PDFs with exercises and answer keys on our LANGUAGE page.

Learn Italian with the News

Intermediate listening videos with the latest news in Italian. Test your comprehension by anwering the questions at the end of the video!

Destinations: Verona

Discover the beautiful city of Verona and its art and history.
In these videos we talk about Romeo & Juliet, the Arena & the opera festival, medieval lords, Dante Alighieri's exile, and more.

Italian for Musicians

Italian Musical Terms - L'italiano della musica.
Discover the meaning and correct pronunciation of most of the Italian terms used in classical music.

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