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Italiano Facile! Il congiuntivo passato
Penso che ABBIA or Penso che HA? Who is right, Anna or Genoveffa? Let's learn the main concepts you need to use the past subjunctive correctly and take your Italian to the next level! This is a quick and easy B1 (early intermediate) grammar lesson with exercises, and it's part of our Italian Grammar playlist.

Lia and Marco belong to rival families, and yet they fall in love. What does this remind you of? This intermediate listening practice all in Italian is inspired by one of the world's most famous love stories - but there are many differences. Listen and answer the questions!
This video is part of our Italian Culture & Society playlist.

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NEW! Find Your Way in Venice
Read an interactive story in Italian and choose your own path and your own ending: where do you go? What do you do? Who is the professor? Advanced reading with audio and glossary.

Dai energia al tuo italiano!
Looking for ideas to improve your Italian in 2024? In this special Patreon content I share some effective methods to freshen up your study routine. All in Italian with audio and English translation - doubles up as intermediate / advanced listening practice.

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Italian Grammar
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Cani & gatti - Pets
Do you have a dog, a cat, or another animal? Most people do! Let's learn the words and expressions you need to talk about them in Italian, and learn how to communicate with a veterinarian in case of need. Featuring our most beloved pets!

News in Italian for Beginners
In our second news video of 2024 we talk about a new proposed speed limit in Italian cities and the big freeze in Chicago. This is episode 11 of our Easy Italian News playlist.

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