Learn Italian with Art

So you love Italy, and you like art... why not learn Italian through art? In this series we take you on a journey where you can enjoy the beauty of famous masterpieces and at the same time learn the language that you need to understand the description of a painting, a sculpture, or a building. This will enrich your expressive ability and take your Italian to the next level!
You will soon find out that formal, academic Italian, filled with Latin-derived terms that have close English equivalents, may actually be easier to understand than colloquial speech.

In Episode 1, available in full, we cover some general grammar concepts and explain recurring words that are often found in this context.

In this 26-minute video Anna reads a short text in Italian about Sandro Botticelli and his masterpiece Nascita di Venere, then she translates it and explains the most important words and grammar points. The video is divided into 3 parts that you can watch in separate sessions in order to absorb more easily all the concepts explained.

Part 1: Oggi incontriamo un artista...
Part 2: L'opera che ammireremo oggi...
Part 3: Botticelli divenne in quegli anni...

An 11-minute excerpt of Episode 2, about Piero della Francesca's Brera Madonna, is also available on YouTube. Find out about its religious symbols and learn how to form and use present and past participles in Italian.

An 11-minute excerpt of Episode 3, all about Raffaello's wonderful works, is also available. By discussing his influence on and relationship with the present, we learn about the Italian passato prossimo.

About this series

Learn Italian with Art will include 6 videos with 2 accompanying PDFs each, and will be available for purchase in the first half of 2021.


  1. Sandro Botticelli
  2. Piero della Francesca
  3. Raffaello
  4. Caravaggio
  5. Michelangelo
  6. Paolo Veronese


Episode 1 is accompanied by 2 PDFs with video transcript, English translation, references, credits, a biography of Sandro Botticelli, grammar expansions, and a glossary. The full text is reserved to our patrons, but you can download samples here:

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