What is Patreon & how does it work?

Patreon is a platform that allows you to give us a hand by pledging a monthly amount. We pay Patreon about 20% of our earnings in payment & platform fees. Patreon allows us to offer additional content in locked posts and attachments that can only be accessed and downloaded by patrons.

IMPORTANT! Taxes will be added to your pledge if you live in Europe or other countries that apply VAT.
You will be charged every month on the date of your subscription, and you can increase, decrease or cancel your pledge at any time. Annual memberships are also available.

Why support us on Patreon?

Making a pledge on Patreon is a great way to let us know that you enjoy the free content that we provide on this Website and on our YouTube channel.

Writing, filming, and editing our videos is very time-consuming, and we are investing most of our time and energy in this project. While most of our content is and will always remain freely available, we also want to provide additional tools for those who are really passionate about the Italian language & culture, and would like to delve deeper.

On this page you can find a list of the most significant exclusive content published on Patreon so far.

You can also visit our Patreon page to know more and to become a patron.

Tiers & Benefits

We currently have 3 separate tiers. If you'd like additional benefits, don't hesitate to send in your suggestions!
Patrons can easily access our most significant premium content from this page.

$1 - Sostenitore

As a supporter:

  • You are welcome to send in your requests for topics to be included in our videos: anything that has to do with Italy and the Italian language and that you’d like us to discuss on our YouTube channel.
  • You get the transcript & English translation of all our videos.

$5 - Benefattore

As a benefactor, you get all the benefits of supporters, and also:

  • You gain access to a weekly PDF with additional learning material, usually with audio and exercises, from grammar lessons to listening practice, news, culture&society, art, etc.
  • You gain access to an exclusive Complete A1 Italian Course that takes you through the basics (PDFs + audio). A great review for intermediate students, too!

$10 or more - Mecenate

Together with our eternal gratitude, you get all of the above, and also:

  • You gain access to exclusive video/audio content for intermediate/advanced learners, where we discuss various topics related to Italy and the Italian language and culture, including readings in Italian.
  • You can download the digital edition of our book Italian Grammar - Concise & Clearly Explained and all future editions & updates.
  • You get a discount on private lessons with Anna.
  • You will be credited in our videos.