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Italian is a fascinating language that may be quite easy to learn if you already speak another Romance language such as Spanish or French, while speakers of English or other Germanic languages may need a little more effort. Regardless of your native language and background, we always recommend some basic grammar and pronunciation lessons to all beginners in order to build a good foundation and grow your self-confidence.

Free Beginner Course

In this Italian crash course we put together the basics of Italian grammar, many examples of everyday language, and a complete pronunciation guide. Work on 1-2 videos each week, alternating the various topics, to start on the right foot.

The Building Blocks of Italian

If you get the basics rights, you are already halfway there. Learn the fundamental rules of Italian grammar through examples and start building your own sentences straight away.

This is the first lesson of our free beginner course. Have a look at the other videos, too.

Intermediate & Beyond

Learn Italian with the News

In our Learn Italian with the News videos, Anna discusses current hot topics in slow Italian and explains key expressions in English. The latest episodes feature clips with audio from Italian TV heard at two different speeds. Enrich your vocabulary and boost your comprehension of formal speech!

Italian Listening Practice

With our Listening Practice & Test videos you can practice your comprehension by listening to everyday phrases & dialogues about a variety of topics, spoken at a natural speed. This series features different voices & regional accents, check it out and test yourself by answering the questions!

Italian Culture & Society

Intermediate and advanced listening practice videos where we talk about various topics, from cultural icons to Italian celebrities. With questions, of course! Currently featuring Sophia Loren, Samantha Cristoforetti, Luciano Pavarotti, la Vespa, il caffè, and more!

Click on the image below to download our free reference guide with all the basics you need.

Italian Grammar
Concise & Clearly Explained

If you enjoyed our freebie and would like to receive our complete grammar handbook, you can get it now from Amazon worldwide as eBook and paperback.

The eBook version of our handbook is also available as a welcome gift to our top-tier patrons on Patreon. Click here to download the table of contents.