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Italian Prepositions
Our definitive guide to this tricky grammar topic.

50 Everyday Sentences
Super-easy listening practice for beginners: listen and repeat.

Easy Listening Practice
Simple sentences, dialogues, and clips from Italian TV.

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Give back the Mona Lisa!
Learn about the imperative through Leonardo's famous painting.

Il vino - Italian Wine Culture
Italian wines, wine idioms and wine tourism, all in Italian with questions.

Mythical Italian Idioms
Listen, answer the questions and learn 5 Italian idioms.

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How Italian Verbs Work
The basic concepts of Italian verb conjugation made clear.

Masculine or feminine?
Master the gender of nouns in Italian.

Il congiuntivo
Are you afraid of the subjunctive mood? Let's tackle it head on!

Our Best Listening Practice

Da Venezia a Bologna
Follow Clara around Italy in this intermediate listening practice.

Italian Films & TV Shows
What is your favourite TV show? Listen to 3 easy dialogues.

Conversational Italian Review
Five dialogues full of authentic colloquial expressions.

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Crime & Criminals
Listen to a suspenseful story and learn some unusual vocabulary.

Il giro del mondo
Travel around the world with me and guess where we are!

La donna รจ mobile
Verdi's Rigoletto: Italian opera explained.