Italian Listening Practice

"Ascolta bene quello che ti dico!"

LISTENING is a fundamental component in the process of acquiring a new language, and should not be overlooked. In the past, the study approach to foreign languages was rigid and bookish, but now language learners have the possibility to immerse themselves in their target language more effectively. All kinds of audio materials can be found on the Web, not to mention the numerous platforms that allow to watch films and TV series in the original language with subtitles. However, this abundance can be sometimes confusing and overwhelming.

"Where to start? What kind of content should I listen to? Which technique should I use?" Our advice is to listen to something that is only slightly above your level: listening to material that is too advanced can be frustrating and confusing, and your gain will be minimal. Start with something you understand and move on gradually!

On our YouTube channel you can find different kinds of listening content:

  • Our Italian Listening Practice videos, listed below, feature simple sentences and dialogues spoken at a natural speed, helping you to pick up new vocabulary and grammar structures easily.
  • In our series Learn Italian with the News we discuss recent events in slow Italian. New words and phrases are explained in English, so you can also enrich your vocabulary.

Pronti? Cominciamo!

Learn Italian with the News

A simple but effective routine:

  • Listen a couple of times trying to understand the general meaning
  • Then, listen focusing on the parts you did not understand
  • Listen again while reading the transcription. In this phase, isolate and learn the words you missed in the previous steps.
  • Finally, listen again without reading: you should now be able to understand much more.

Start listening

  • Episode 3 - 3 dialogues & 2 short stories with QUESTIONS!
  • Episode 2 - 30 phrases & 2 dialogues about the summer holidays
  • Episode 1 - 50 everyday phrases

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