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Transcript Transcript of our new interactive video focused on speaking Italian.

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Additional content with more vocabulary and questions to help you improve your speaking skills.

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Radici - Italiano e dialetti degli italo-americani
The role of Italian and regional dialects for generations of Italian-Americans, as they first surrender and then rediscover their native language. Advanced reading & listening content.

We have been publishing premium content on Patreon for almost three years now. Every week, as we release a new video on YouTube, we also publish 2 PDFs on Patreon: the video transcript & translation, and additional reading/listening content with exercises. Direct links to premium content for our Italian grammar videos are listed on this page; most of our Listening Practice and Learn Italian with the News videos are also associated to premium content.

Every 3/4 weeks we also publish a new lesson of our A1 total beginner course and more advanced/culture-related content. Links to this content are listed below.

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