Italian Listening Practice

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An effective method:

  • Listen a couple of times trying to understand the general meaning.
  • Then listen again focusing on the parts that you had trouble with.
  • Listen again while reading the transcription. Isolate and learn the words you missed in the previous steps.
  • Finally, listen without reading: you should now be able to understand much more.

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Easy Listening for Beginners

The following videos all include 3 to 5 dialogues each and are targeted at beginners (levels A1 & A2). All dialogues include questions and sometimes a glossary. On the right you can find links to premium content for our patrons on Patreon: the video transcript with an English translation and additional listening content.

Video Lesson $1 Tier Upper Tiers
A2 Listening Practice - Passato, presente, futuro: three dialogues about Artificial Intelligence, electric vehicles, and Italian-Americans. Transcript Special PDF
A2 Listening Practice - Il giro del mondo: travel around the world with me and guess all the places we are going to. Transcript Special PDF
Listening for Beginners 15 - Lavoro e vacanza: three new dialogues about work and holiday, with a touch of humour. Transcript Special PDF
Listening for Beginners 14 - Sì, viaggiare! Aereo, treno o traghetto? In this episode we talk about travelling and means of transport. Transcript Special PDF
Listening for Beginners 13 - Piccoli problemi quotidiani! Let's learn how to talk about little everyday issues, like a delayed train, a problem with a hotel room, or a steep restaurant bill. Transcript Special PDF
Listening for Beginners 12 - In these three new dialogues, our characters discuss Italian films and TV shows. Can you understand what they are talking about? Have you seen any of these series? Transcript Special PDF
Listening for Beginners 11 - Three easy dialogues with a sprinkling of colloquial expressions formed using pronominal verbs. We also learn what they are and how to conjugate them! Transcript Special PDF
Listening for Beginners 10 - Listen to our characters talk about their winter holidays, with lots of comparatives & superlatives. Transcript Special PDF
Listening for Beginners 9 - Four new dialogues about food, recipes, restaurant menus, likes & dislikes. Transcript Special PDF
Listening for Beginners 8 - Listen to four of our characters describe their home: from Sandra's country house to Michele's elegant apartment, from Viola's condominium flat to Leonardo's semi-detached house in the suburbs. Transcript Special PDF
Listening for Beginners 7 - Sandra and Viola finally manage to catch the train today. Where are they going? Let's listen and follow them through one of our favourite cities. Transcript Special PDF
Listening for Beginners 6 - Five new dialogues about the heat, a restaurant reservation gone wrong, missed trains, and more! Transcript Special PDF
Listening for Beginners 5 - Family, reservations, holidays, food and coffee: let's review! Transcript Special PDF
Listening for Beginners 4 - Easy dialogues about food and grocery shopping. Transcript Special PDF
Listening for Beginners 3 - New easy dialogues and clips from Italian TV. Transcript Special PDF
Listening for Beginners 2 - More simple dialogues to test and improve your listening skills. Transcript Special PDF
Listening for Beginners 1 - Five easy dialogues and film clips to start working on your comprehension.Transcript  

Total beginner? Start here!

Listen to easy sentences grouped by topic or sound, starting with greetings and introductions. You will also learn the basics of Italian pronunciation.

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$5 Tier and above: Special PDF

"Ascolta bene quello che ti dico!"

LISTENING is a fundamental component in the process of acquiring a new language, and should not be overlooked. Where to start? Our advice is to listen to something that is only slightly above your level: listening to material that is too advanced can be frustrating and confusing. Start with something you understand and move on gradually!

On our YouTube channel you can find:
  • Our Italian Listening Practice videos, listed on this page, which feature increasingly complex dialogues spoken at a natural speed, to help you pick up new colloquial & idiomatic expressions.
  • Learn Italian with the News, where we discuss recent events in slow Italian using formal expressions commonly used by Italian media.
  • Italian Listening Immersion, 30-minute-long videos where we read excerpts from literature in Italian for you, meant as a passive learning experience.

Intermediate Listening: In giro per l'Italia

Segui la nostra amica Clara in 4 città italiane per ascoltare dialoghi più complessi e imparare espressioni utili per un viaggio in Italia.

The transcript and translation of these videos up to episode 3 is free. Premium content available on Patreon.

Video Lesson Free $5-10 Tiers
Episodio 1 - Venezia - Clara arriva da New York all'aeroporto di Fiumicino. Riuscirà a prendere il volo per Venezia? E dove andrà poi? Seguiamola in giro per l'Italia! Transcript Special PDF
Episodio 2 - Bologna - Clara va alla stazione di Venezia in vaporetto, quindi prende il treno per Bologna. Che città magnifica, e come si mangia bene! Seguiamola sul treno e in trattoria. Transcript Special PDF 1 Special PDF 2
Episodio 3 - Firenze - Finalmente Clara è arrivata a Firenze! Facciamo un giro per questa meravigliosa città e proviamo a comprare un biglietto per gli Uffizi. Quanta gente! Transcript Special PDF
Episodio 4 - Roma - Eccoci nella capitale, la città eterna: Roma! Per cominciare, facciamo un giro sul bus turistico e facciamo colazione davanti al Colosseo. Che spettacolo!   Transcript & Special PDF

Italian Listening Practice - Main Playlist

Progressive listening practice from super easy sentences to more complex dialogues. Full of colloquial expressions to boost your conversational Italian! The transcript & translation of all these videos is free. Click on the links on the right to access premium content.

Video Lesson Free $5-10 Tiers
Episodio 11 - Mega RIPASSO! In questo video ripassiamo tutte le espressioni colloquiali e i modi di dire che abbiamo sentito nei 10 episodi precedenti, e ne impariamo di nuove. Forza! Transcript Special PDF
Episodio 10 - Cos'hanno fatto a Pasqua Anna, Debora e Michele? Anna ha il frigorifero pieno di avanzi! Intanto Viola e Sandra parlano di disastri in cucina e di un film in dialetto napoletano. Transcript Special PDF
Episodio 9 - È quasi primavera e i nostri personaggi hanno voglia di passare del tempo all'aperto. Dove vanno Sandra e Viola? Intanto Anna e Debora pranzano insieme al bar e Michele è sempre alle prese con il suo cane. Transcript Special PDF
Episodio 8 - Scopriamo chi passa a salutare Anna nel suo negozio oggi! Intanto Debora e Michele si incontrano casualmente per strada. Sandra e Viola vanno di nuovo al cinema, ma secondo Viola il film è un polpettone! :D Transcript Special PDF
Episodio 7 - Anna è al lavoro e i suoi amici Debora e Michele passano a salutarla. Marina ha qualche problema con lo studio del francese, mentre Sandra e Viola si incontrano al cinema. Che film fanno stasera? Transcript Special PDF
Episodio 6 - Anna e Michele si vedono al bar per parlare. Marina cerca consigli per migliorare il francese, mentre Sandra sogna di andare in Russia. Transcript Special PDF
Episodio 5 - Perché Michele non risponde alle chiamate della sua amica Anna? E chi è Marina? Ascolta e rispondi alle domande! Transcript Special PDF
Episodio 4 - 5 dialoghi con la spiegazione delle espressioni più comuni e con domande Transcript  
Episodio 3 - 3 dialoghi e 2 brevi letture, con domande Transcript  
Episodio 2 - 30 frasi e 2 dialoghi sulle vacanze estive Transcript  
Episodio 1 - 50 frasi di uso quotidiano Transcript  

Italian Culture & Society Listening Practice

In the following videos we talk about various topics of interest - all in Italian with questions! Listen carefully and answer the questions out loud.

Click on the links on the right to access premium content. Some videos have a free transcript.

Video Lesson $1 Tier Upper Tiers
Animali misteriosi e leggendari - Four Legendary Animals Transcript Special PDF
Un amore segreto - A Story of Love and Revenge Transcript Special PDF
Un racconto di Natale - A Christmas Carol Transcript (FREE) Special PDF
Sei superstizioso? - Italian Superstitions Transcript Special PDF
Il ritorno dalle vacanze - Post-holiday Blues Transcript Special PDF
Soldi! - Talking about money in Italy Transcript Special PDF
L'edicola - Italian newsstands and newspapers Transcript Special PDF
Andiamo al museo - Three artworks, three audio guides in Italian Transcript Special PDF
Indovina il Paese! - Two countries with something in common Transcript Special PDF
Indovina la città! - Can you guess which cities I am describing? Transcript Special PDF
Indovina il film! - Three films that have to do with Italy Transcript Special PDF
Indovina il romanzo! - Four novels, four fantasy worlds Transcript Special PDF
Gli italiani a tavola - Italian Food Culture 2 Transcript Special PDF
Turisti al ristorante - Italian Food Culture 1 Transcript Special PDF
Modi di dire... MITICI! - Mythical Italian Idioms Transcript Special PDF
Il vino - Italian Wine Culture Transcript Special PDF
Luciano Pavarotti - A tu per tu con il Maestro Transcript Special PDF
Il caffè - A Symbol of Italy Transcript Special PDF
La Vespa - An Italian Icon Transcript Special PDF
Buon Natale! - Christmas and the environment Free Transcript Special PDF
Nutella - Una storia italiana Transcript Special PDF
Grandi navi a Venezia - Cruise ships in Venice Free transcript Special PDF
Samantha Cristoforetti - Un'italiana nello spazio Free transcript Special PDF
La pizzeria di Sophia Loren Free transcript Special PDF