Parliamo italiano! Let's Speak Italian

The dream of many people is to be able to speak their target language right away and avoid any kind of deliberate study. Can you do it with Italian? Being a native Spanish or French speaker or knowing other Romance languages well will give you a head start, but in most cases some effort will be required - and yes, there will be grammar involved. Speaking from day 1 is possible, though, and even desirable. By actively using the language from the start you will remember vocabulary and sentence patterns more easily. You can always break them down and learn relevant grammar rules just after or alongside your speaking and listening practice.

How to get the most out of these lessons:

  • Listen multiple times! Listen carefully, then speak. Repeat what you hear trying to imitate the speaker as much as possible. Listen to yourself, maybe even record yourself to check if you are close enough. Italian pronunciation is very consistent and straightforward, but it's quite different from English, so you may need to put in more effort depending on your native language.
  • Be active! If your goal is to communicate fluently and effective with Italians, you need to take action. Minor grammar or pronunciation mistakes do not matter: don't overthink, just speak! Repeat sounds, words, and entire sentences out loud. You will feel more confident when speaking in real life, and over time it will become second nature.
  • Delve deeper. You can download the transcript of each video to review and repeat from just $1 a month. Upper-tier patrons get a special PDF with additional content every week. Older videos have a free transcript.

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Speak Italian Now

Parla italiano! Speak Italian Now!

Our speaking practice videos can be tackled by total beginners. Here we give you words and sentence patterns and we ask you to say them out loud and engage in conversations with our characters. Don't be shy, find a quiet spot and practise!

You can watch these videos in any order, but the latest episodes include increasingly complex patterns, less English and more Italian.

Parla italiano 1 - Look at the pictures: c'è o non c'è? Ci sono o non ci sono? Transcript Special PDF
Parla italiano 2 - Introduce yourself and describe other people in Italian Transcript Special PDF
Parla italiano 3 - How to order food and drinks Transcript Special PDF
Parla italiano 4 - Talk about your day in Italian Transcript Special PDF

Learn Italian Vocabulary

Learn Everyday Italian Vocabulary

The videos in this playlist help you build and expand your vocabulary by topic and are focused on authentic everyday speech. Word lists, phrases and expressions, dialogues and conversations are designed to be engaging and entertaining.

How to Ask for Directions in Italian Transcript Special PDF
Numeri! - Italian numbers Transcript Special PDF
Al ristorante - Let's order at the bar/restaurant Transcript Special PDF
In farmacia - Health and medications Transcript Special PDF
Il meteo - Talking about the weather in Italian Transcript Special PDF
La mia famiglia - Talking about family in Italian Transcript Special PDF
La casa - Describe your house in Italian Transcript Special PDF
Cani & gatti - Talking about pets in Italian Transcript Special PDF
Che tipo sei? - Describe your personality in Italian Free Transcript Special PDF
Ma come ti vesti? - Clothing & shopping Free Transcript Special PDF
Andiamo in vacanza in Italia! Transcript Special PDF
Problemi in albergo - Hotel complaints Transcript Special PDF

Learn Italian Pronunciation

Say it Right! - Italian Pronunciation

Come si dice...? How do you say...? Avoid the most common pronunciation mistakes and make yourself understood. There is just a handful of rules to remember. Learn how to roll your R and how to differentiate between hard and soft C and G sounds, but most importantly, learn how to pronounce vowels correctly. Do not mix them up, they can make a big difference!

Let's Practise Italian Pronunciation - Esercizi di pronuncia Transcript Special PDF
L'alfabeto - Italian Alphabet Free Transcript  
How to Pronounce Italian Vowels - A E I O U Free Transcript  
How to Pronounce D & T Free Transcript  
How to Roll your R Free Transcript  
How to Pronounce C & G Free Transcript