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Episode 10 - 11 November 2020

Trump vs Biden: listen to our description of the 2020 US Presidential Election in slow Italian. The candidates won battleground states by razor-thin margins, recounts and lawsuits are ongoing and the final result has not been declared yet, but most media sources have already projected a winner.
In this episode we also talk about how the music and entertainment industry is going digital to overcome the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, and about the latest art exhibitions: Italian Renaissance sculpture at the Louvre and metaphysical painter Giorgio De Chirico in Pisa.

After this presentation in slow Italian, Anna explains and translates key words and phrases with additional examples. Answer the questions in the downloadable PDF to test your comprehension!

Special PDF for patrons: an additional glossary, an explanation of reflexive verbs and more exercises just for you! Check our Patreon page.

To know more about the events mentioned in this video:
Berliner Philarmoniker Digital Concert Hall
Louvre - Le Corps et l'Âme de Donatello à Michel-Ange
De Chirico, Palazzo Blu di Pisa

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In this lesson:

  • Elezioni americane 2020
  • Musica e spettacolo in streaming
  • Due grandi mostre d'arte


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