Beginner Course - Verbs

2. Il verbo VENIRE - to come

This video focuses on the verb VENIRE, to come, its conjugation and its various meanings in idiomatic set phrases. VENIRE expresses a movement in the direction of the speaker or of the listener, depending on the person used. No worries, we will learn how to figure this out.

VENIRE is irregular, so we'll learn how to conjugate it in the most used Italian tenses: PRESENTE, FUTURO SEMPLICE, PASSATO PROSSIMO, IMPERFETTO, CONGIUNTIVO PRESENTE, CONDIZIONALE PRESENTE.

We will also learn how to say where we are coming to, and we'll list some idiomatic expressions with this verb.

Verbs - ANDARE Verbs - FARE

In this lesson:

  • How to conjugate VENIRE
  • Places we can come to
  • Idiomatic expressions



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