Beginner Course - Verbs

1. Il verbo ANDARE - to go

As we are always going somewhere, the verb ANDARE, to go, is is one of the most frequently used verbs. It is used when we want to talk about movement from a place to another, no matter if it’s on foot or by any means of transport.

ANDARE is irregular, meaning that it doesn’t follow the typical -ARE verbs ending pattern. In this video we'll learn how to conjugate it in the most used Italian tenses: PRESENTE, FUTURO SEMPLICE, PASSATO PROSSIMO, IMPERFETTO, CONGIUNTIVO PRESENTE, CONDIZIONALE PRESENTE.

We will also learn how to say where we are going, and we'll explain a few idiomatic expressions with this verb.

Verbs - VENIRE

In this lesson:

  • How to conjugate ANDARE
  • Dove andiamo? Collocations
  • Idiomatic expressions



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