Beginner Course - Pronunciation

1. How to Pronounce C & G

Italian pronunciation is very easy compared to English: everything is pronounced as written. But it's exactly this difference that can make it confusing for English speakers, or for speakers of languages with a complex pronunciation.

One of the few things that you need to learn is that the letters C & G can be hard (/k/ and /g/) or soft (/tʃ/ and /dʒ/). Here we see some rules and plenty of examples to easily remember these sounds. We also see that G combines with L and N to produce two special sounds: GL (/ʎ/) and GN (/ɲ/). After this lesson, you will never pronounce GNOCCHI the wrong way ;)

Repeat the words at the end of the video to practice your pronunciation.

Pronunciation 2

In this lesson:

  • Hard & soft C
  • Hard & soft G
  • The sounds GL & GN


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