Learn Italian with the News

Episode 18 - 13 October 2021

This episode includes news stories with authentic audio from RAI TG1! We talk about: la devastante eruzione del vulcano Cumbre Vieja a La Palma; gli ultimi dati sulla pandemia in Italia e in Europa; l'investitura dei nuovi capitani reggenti della Repubblica di San Marino; il primo caffè coltivato in Italia.

Try to answer Anna's questions, then listen again at all our news at the speed at which you would really hear them on TV. Turn on subtitles and download the transcript if you need a little help.

If you are a patron, there's a special PDF for you with a glossary and an additional reading on the Canary Islands. Have a look at our Patreon page to access all our extra content.

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In this lesson:

  • Eruzione a La Palma
  • Ultimi dati sul coronavirus
  • Il nuovo governo di San Marino
  • Caffè siciliano



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