Learn Italian with the News

Episode 17 - 8 September 2021

In this episode Anna presents 4 news stories in slow Italian: Coronavirus - la riapertura delle scuole, il green pass obbligatorio, le proteste dei no-vax; la situazione in Afghanistan e il campo di accoglienza di Avezzano; le Paralimpiadi di Tokyo e le vittorie dell'Italia; la pagina culturale con la ripresa dei concerti e una mostra Disney a Milano.

Listen and answer to Anna's questions, then listen again at all our news at the speed at which you would really hear them on TV. Turn on subtitles and download the transcript to follow more easily.

If you are a patron, there's a special PDF for you with a glossary and an additional reading on the Paralympics. Have a look at our Patreon page to access all our extra content.

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In this lesson:

  • Aggiornamento sulla pandemia
  • La situazione in Afghanistan
  • Le Paralimpiadi
  • Pagina culturale



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