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7. Definite Articles

English only has 1 definite article for all nouns, masculine or feminine, singular, or plural: THE. Italian, instead is more specific, and has SEVEN different articles based on the gender, number, and first letter of the noun they refer to: IL, LO, I, GLI, LA, LE, L'. In this video we explain all of them and we see how to determine which one you need to use depending on the noun. Masculine nouns are a bit tricky, while feminine ones are easier!

Then, we see when to use definite articles. They are more common than in English, and there are a few rules that you can keep in mind to understand if you should put one in front of a noun or not.

Finally, try to add the correct article to some masculine & feminine nouns, and download the exercise sheet for this lesson to put all of this into practice.

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In this lesson:

  • Definite articles in Italian
  • When to use the definite article
  • Add the correct article!


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