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6. Masculine or Feminine? Gender & Plural of Nouns

After verbs, let's talk about nouns! In Italian, nouns can be masculine or feminine, there is no neuter! Even inanimate objects, concepts and animals are either masculine or feminine.

In this video we provide a lot of examples and some useful rules that you can remember to figure out the gender of a noun in Italian. Why is it important? Because articles, adjectives, and sometimes also verb endings will change according to the gender of the noun they refer to! Let's see how:

È un ragazzo simpatico. (masculine)
Il pranzo è pronto. (masculine)
La nonna è guarita. (feminine)

Next, we see some nouns that change their meaning completely according to their gender, such as LA PORTA (door) and IL PORTO (port), and many others.

Finally, we learn how to form the plural of masculine and feminine nouns, and we learn the plural of some irregular nouns.

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In this lesson:

  • Gender of nouns
  • Plural of nouns


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