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2. Subject Pronouns & the Verb To Be

In this video we talk about Italian subject pronouns: IO, TU, LEI/LUI, NOI, VOI, LORO/ESSI. But as we saw in Lesson 1, Italian is a null-subject language, which means that most of the time we can drop the subject pronoun and form a sentence using only VERB + OBJECT. Easy!

We also see that Italian has a polite form of addressing the person you are talking to: Lei instead of tu.

Finally, we learn how to conjugate the verb ESSERE - to be - in the present indicative. Essere is an irregular verb that is used in many common expressions, of which we list a few examples.

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In this lesson:

  • Subject pronouns in Italian
  • Difference between TU and LEI
  • Dropping subject pronouns
  • How to conjugate the verb ESSERE - to be


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