Beginner Course - Grammar Lessons

1. The Building Blocks of Italian

Italian is an SVO language just like English: this means that the basic sentence structure is SUBJECT + VERB + OBJECT. Actually, thanks to verb conjugation, Italian often drops the subject pronoun, so our sentences become even simpler: VERB + OBJECT.

It's easier than it sounds! In this video Anna explains the basic principles of Italian grammar in plain English, so you can understand the structure of affirmative sentences (statements), interrogative sentences (questions), and negative sentences. She also describes the basic rules of ARTICLES and ADJECTIVES and provides a comparison with other languages.

Download the video transcript to review these fundamental concepts and get all the links to the other videos and resources mentioned in this lesson.

Grammar - Lesson 2

In this lesson:

  • Basic sentence structure
  • How to form questions
  • Negative sentences
  • Articles
  • Adjectives


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